Status - Working on indiegogo campaign.
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news: 20.08.2018

Getting the site ready for the crowdfunding campaign.

news: 29.05.2018

Changed the CSS for the landing page. Now it should display properly on most mobile phones. Tomorrow i am going to add my portfolio as a part of the website.

news: 26.05.2018

New update is comming and i would like to adress some things. We are ditching black and white color scheme, this comic will transform into a periodicaly updated choose your own adventure format, and there will be ads in a future. The last change pains me to be completely honest but thats life for ya.

news: 22.05.2018

So to the people who just found this comic or are returning readers. We are doing reboot and everything on the site is going to get pulled down. Spring cleaning and all that jazz you know. I wanted to ditch the interactive aspect of this webcomic but i gave it a lot of thought and decided that can't be. It's just going to take much different shape from now on. I am talking true interactivity, clicking buttons and stuff.