Status - On hiatus until i find job
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news: 18.03.2018

Still no job and money. I don't know how long i can do this.

news: 22.02.2018

I am un-employed and bleeding money. Webcomic is on hold until i manage to find job.

news: 25.01.2018

Good news! This site has joined the cult of the green padlock, media queries are comming soon and i am going to ditch the PHP and move to javascript includes. As for the new update, i have story board for the animation done. I am guessing it will be another week but i will have to go to work soon so maybe more.

news: 22.01.2018

Do you want new update? Submit commands. Pls. Apart from running out of commands, i am also working on animation to end chapter 1 with and responsive media queries for mobile users, since they make 50% of my readers now.

news: 17.01.2018

Update: Turns out i am just fucking retarded... Had wrong cable connected to my tablet. Sorry for the lack of update today!

news: 17.01.2018

Tablet died. Sorry! Stay in tune with Sailing to Byzantium on my twitter!

news: 10.01.2018

Hi! Today i am going to start working on slightly more complex animation. I hope you don't mind that the update schedule is going to get slight hit because of this. More bad news: no more live updates (you can still submit commands normally though), atleast not until we get better viewership, also since this webcomic doesn't grow as fast as i hoped for, i will have to get real job in the near future, which means even slower schedule. If you really like the webcomic, please consider sharing link to this page on your social media.