about the comic

Weird places attract weird people, they stick to them like a spider webs in the autumn breeze. There is forest in Japan where people go hang themselves, in Ukraine is place that is promise of the future and then there is Hammock Island. Place where all that is forgotten gathers, but unlike places thereof, the Hammock Island is place with secret that comes not from out world.

about the author

Connoisseur of weird and spooky, self-proclaimed being of pure internet and skeleton wearing dapper beige suit. Born and raised nowhere near the sea, so excuse my poor english and lack of knowledge of seafaring. My favourite colors are yellow and purple.

about my inspirations

I am stealing good ideas from lots of stuff. Some are my own but most of them are stolen, because i am dirty stinking thief and this is what thieves do, we steal. Anyway here is the whole package of good shit you should check out:

Darkwood, Works of Poe and Lovecraft, Roadside Picnic, Stalker games and film, Silent Hill, Hotline Miami, Lord of the Flies, THE EEL, Junji Ito, /x/, /co/, /tg/, Over the Garden Wall, Prequel the Adventure (and more but i can't remember right now).