chapter 1: hammock island The Burning Eye

Eric says:

Go to school and buy some food on the way.

With every step it gets clearer, that this wasn't the best idea. The sleep deprivation, hunger and probably that whiskey are messing with you big time. World is twisting and bending, turning into smudge and if your stomach wasn't empty, it would be now. You walk past the store absentmindedly.

weird smudge

Oh geez... you don't even see where you are now, because everything vanishes in sharp light and dull cacophony when you exert just a tiny bit of energy. You have to stop for while and get your breath steady.


Oh. School is right in front of you. How is a question, you will never bother to try to answer. You can't wait till you slam your head on the desk and sleep through all the classes.

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